A stone-relief husky on the wall of the University of Washington's administration building has come to life and is trotting around campus.  Through video, computing and graphic magic, viewers will see the Husky mascot prancing through the school's programming on UWTV's cable channel 27.  In 30-second bites, he shows off the Suzzallo Library and its historic reading room as well as a huge swinging pendulum in the new physics building.

  Producers, who found Ned after only a few phone calls to animal trainers in the area, say this versatile canine actor was a pleasure to work with.  To achieve the sequence shown on the left of Ned coming to life, first live movement video was shot.  In order to keep the dog posed in the awkward, crouched position, his trainer had to hold the dog's paws up.  Video specialists later morphed the trainer out of the shots.  To complete the transformation, the film of Ned was then merged with a still photo of the stone-relief dog.  

 Susan Brandt from the university's programming and publicity department describes the shorts as "fun and lively"--and an innovative way to let people know they are watching the university's channel.

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